Alexandra Melody Mayers produced this piece shortly after she moved to Nevada from California (around 2012). This painting was sold…

Point Of Light

“Point Of Light” was created as a gift for Alexandra’s father.


This was one of the first paintings Alexandra Melody Mayers completed upon returning to her family in Florida.

Native Alien

Native American tales of “The Star People” greatly inspired this piece.

Behind The Scenes Is Why

To know Alexandra Melody Mayers is to understand the magnitude of this painting. To date, this particular painting is one…

The Tree

“The Tree” is a very layered painting – and as you can see in the painting progressions below, the finished…

The Rhino

This multi-layered painting was inspired by the spiritual meaning of the rhinoceros – one of Alexandra Melody Mayers’ favorite animals.

Apology Negated – Painting

Apology Negated is an interesting piece – as the piece is linked to a song written, performed and produced by…