Recent Pieces


If interested in purchasing email AlexandraMayers @ – I accept CashApp and PayPal. Click here to view the production…

313 - Alexandra Mayers - painting


This particular painting is special. I created it in Orlando, Florida and it managed to find itself the perfect home…

Organic Flow

Taking A Seat

I created this little 6″ by 6″ painting the other day while spending time with one of my favorite younger…

Young Women Awakening

This 11″ x 14″ acrylic painting I will likely use for many Alexandra Mayers homewares (which I will be offering…

Time’s A Bitch (sold)

This original painting was sold to a collector May of 2020 for $1000.00   

The SeaHorse

This painting was inspired by the vibrant energy of the Atlantic Ocean. The painting was gifted to a true savant…

Peacock Feather of Fine Weather

A metallic acrylic piece (on natural canvas) by Alexandra Melody Mayers created specifically for her mother.

DNA Spectrum

This mixed medium piece (acrylic paint and oil pastels) was created by Alexandra Melody Mayers as a reminder to her…

The Dragon

This painting by Alexandra Melody Mayers was created as a gift for one of her favorite family members.

Akhenaten Sees Nefertiti

This piece came to Alexandra in a dream and incorporates the philosophy of the Jain (Jainism) spiritual path. Today one…

Power From Above

This layered piece incorporates both oil pastels and acrylic paint.